Feb 2023

Get updated with each new episodes

Feb 2023

Get updated with each new episodes

Welcome to the Slope Engineering podcast, where we explore the challenges, latest trends, technologies, and solutions in the field of slope stabilisation, maintenance, repair, and landslide prevention. 

In each episode, we will be speaking with highly experienced engineers, consultants, contractors and other experts to dig deep into the issues, challenges, and key learnings on slope engineering. 

Whether you are a property owner, developer, local authority, engineer, or simply have an interest in slope engineering, this podcast is for you. 

Join us as we bring you new insights and knowledge from the world of slope engineering.

Your Hosts

Woon Tan is the business development manager at Shinei Geotechnique and founder of Podcast Publishing.

Tan Chin Shu is the Founder and Director of Shinei Geotechnique. Chin Shu has 40+ years of geotechnical engineer experience.

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Shinei Geotechnique (M) Sdn Bhd is a specialist foundation and geotechnical contractor in Malaysia.

Shinei specialise in unique and challenging foundation and geotechnical works. With over 30 years as pioneers in the Malaysian geotechnical engineering scene. Shinei leads the way in bringing new techniques and technology to the Malaysian market.

Shinei has worked on a number of Malaysian records including the largest circular cofferdam project in Malaysia, a Sewerage Treatment Plant in Papan, Perak, as well as the highest piling foundation works in Malaysia at Grand Ion Delemen, Hotel in Genting Highlands.

Shinei has worked on numerous slope rectification projects in the Malaysia, using a full range of geotechnical solutions such as micropiles, soil nails, retention walls and caisson piles.

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